Scheduled Onsite Visits

Scheduled Onsite Visits involve a Monthly visit from one of our skilled technicians to carry out a Monthly Maintenance Program. 

This involves running diagnostics on all systems. These diagnostics will identify issues before they become critical.  Changing your Business IT System from a break/fix model to a monthly scheduled visit will take you out of a reactive mindset and help control your IT maintenance spend.

Having a dedicated professional servicing your systems monthly will ensure that you are on the front foot with any IT issues that may interrupt your business.

Adopting a proactive model with your IT will have the following benefits;

  • Avoid Expensive Repairs

    Help your Business Avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs Most problems display warning signs before they become major issues. We get in before they have a chance to develop into something serious.

  • Faster Performance

    Help your systems with Faster performance and practically zero downtime If we find issues they can be cleaned up straight away, instead of slowing down your systems and costing you precious time.

  • Peace of Mind

    It's like having an in-house IT department without the costs! Moving away from the hourly rate model, to a fixed monthly fee will assist in smoothing IT expenditure, by spreading it out over the year. The Break/fix model of IT support can get expensive and there is no way of predicting when a major cost will be incurred.

  • An Up to Date Asset Register

    With the Monthly Systems Report we also provide an asset register, recording any new assets, saving you time collecting this information.

Bell itech’s affordable flat fee Monthly Maintenance Program gives you the support that your business needs.  With regular maintenance on computers, servers and networking equipment you will be in control of your IT maintenance spend and predictable issues.
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