Cloud Based Data Backup

Most people back up their data on some type of external hard drive, which is good start.

However, we recommend that you protect your precious data by using a Cloud-backup service. Even if you are backing up to an external drive, someone still has to remember to take it home for safe keeping and hard drives have been known to fail.  Other data loss scenarios include theft, flood and fire.  Backing up your data to cloud storage will protect everything on your PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Benefits of a Cloud Based Data Backup:

Set & Forget

Once your data is backed up in the cloud for the first time, you can determine the settings you want for automated backup times, and all of your company’s data is synced without you needing to do anything further. Establish an automatic backup routine whereby your company data is saved automatically at a set time every day (or hour or week, depending on your needs) or intervals (once a day or once a week, for example). From that point on, you don’t need to do anything to make it happen – the backup occurs on schedule, like magic, but better.

Reduced Workload

Since remote data backup is automated, you won’t need to worry about taking the time to back it up with a CD or a USB drive or external hard drive, and you’ll always know where the backups are. This will help you save quite a bit of time and frustration.  No more remembering to take the hard drive off site for the evening, or leaving it under the seat of your car.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of regular remote data backup is its great reliability. Automated backups can be updated on a daily basis, or you can even back up your data at a set time. Since all your data is now cloud based you will always be able to recover any files you need quickly.

Greater Security

When you employ remote data backup, you store your data in a secure location, making it physically safe. This is typically done via advanced encryption tools that are used at both the hardware and software level. You will never have to worry about others locating and compromising your data.

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